Wednesday, 27 November 2013

the hours soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful

the hours (2002) directed by stephen daldry, starring nicole kidman, julianne moore and meryl streep. based on the novel of the same name (by michael cunningham), the story follows three generations of women, each how they are affected by the novel "mrs. dalloway", and how in one way or another, deal with suicide in their lives. 

you need to listen to this:

(soundtrack by philip glass) i find it so heart-wrenching. you need to listen to it too.

dear self,
a reminder:

Saturday, 23 November 2013

and on wednesdays we wear black

"i am a millennial. generation y. born between the birth of aids and 9/11. give or take. they call us the global generation. we are known for our entitlement and narcissism. some say it’s because we’re the first generation where every kid gets a trophy for just growing up. others think it’s because social media allows us to post every time we fart or have a sandwich for all the world to see. but it seems our one defining trait is a numbness to the world. an indifference to suffering."
 - madison montgomery, american horror story